Jenelle Ball

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2015 WORDCAMP YYC | Stickers

Designed some fun badge style stickers for WordCAMP YYC.

typeNOTE | App

This is a digital typewriter for taking notes. It’s simple and easy to use. This project is touch based and includes the good old fashioned typewriter roller on swipe command. I designed this android application after my grandmother's typewriter.

Half Moon|Logo Design

Half Moon Eatery & Tea Room. We wanted the feeling to be melodramatic as the ambiance of the Half Moon is simple, clean, cheery and bright.

Small Batch Organic|Logo

A lovely friend of mine produces small batches of organic ginger beer. Her main goal was to have a logo that was simple and bright. I chose to use red and pink, colours that represent the ginger flower as well as a shape that was a simple representation of the flowers leaf.

Fatty Boom |Typeface

Fatty Boom is a fine, heavy ovular shaped font, perfect for hand-drawn illustrations. Currently Fatty Boom is available in capital letters and lowercase.

Skip Skip Fun Fun|Game

A cute, addictive and incredibly hard to beat game. I developed this for a Rich Media project. If you have Flash installed try a round.

Skip Skip Fun Fun

Lichen & Moss|Digital Photography

Lichen & Moss was a digital photography series I did for Environment Day. Beautiful black and white portraits with various lichen and moss overlays to give the image some pop. I have included Old Man’s Beard, Pin Cushion Moss and Sunburst Lichen.

Good Life|Interactive Tutorial

I did an internship for Good Life Community Bike Shop. I spent my time creating a newsletter and this interactive tutorial for prospective enthusiasts who were a bit intimidated by fixing up their bike themselves. This is an easy to use guide on bike parts and how they all fit together. If you have Flash installed give it a try.

Build a bike or learn the parts

A Co.|Logo

This logo was designed for a good friend of mine to tie together various social media outlets. He was set on having a Paco Rabanne feel to his logo. Since he is a blogger and the host of a podcast, I wanted to give the logo a personal touch. The A that is used represents his workspace, the C and the O represent him working.


A website for a local artist. It's simple, easy to use and easy to update.


Corner Store Produce|Logo

Corner Store Produce is a small company which revitalizes old, run down plots of land into beautiful gardens with a wide variety of produce, edible flowers and honey bees. Corner Store Produce also sells produce out of the Ramsay Alberta Corner Store.

Hunter & Sons Fine Goods|Logo

This company provides well sourced fine goods for a wide range of topics including; outdoor activities, cloth, home and garden. The flags are to symbolize the pioneering days back when goods were made of quality and durability. The font is tall and strong like the Hunter & Sons Family.


I have done a few magazine layouts over the past few years which have all been for fashion editorials. Keeping things clean and organized in a well fashioned format with the right balance is my goal.